eviction notice

A landlord who proceed to evict the tenant on the basis of non- payment of rent shall initiate the legal process by serving the tenant with N4 notice. It is highly important that the applicant fill out the N4 notice without any error. The N4 notice with error could be dismissed by the board and the applicant had to bring a new N4 notice and serve it on the tenant. The N4 notices get dismissed by the board for not having the proper address of the tenant’s residential unit. For example, the applicant failed to indicate the exact unit where the tenant lives.

The application based on the N4 notice to evict the tenant is for non- payment of rent. Therefore, the tenant could rectify the issue by paying the outstanding rent within 14days of the N4 notice. Should the tenant failed to pay within the fourteen days, then the landlord could proceed to the next level of the process by filling the L1 application to the board. The N4 notice should have a termination date that should be a date passed fourteen days. Had the applicant made a mistake with the correct termination date, then, the application would be dismissed.

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