Landlord eviction notice

How to evict a tenant?

How to evict a tenant?  This is a common question among the landlords who suffer with bad tenants. Well, the answer is not that simple. First of all the landlord should have a valid reason for evicting a tenant, namely; not paying rent, paying the rent late, interfering with the peaceful enjoyment of the property, illegal activity and the landlord requiring the place for the landlord or an immediate  member of the landlord’s family. The answer to the question how to evict a tenant?” determines what kind of notice to be served and what kind of application to be processed. How to evict the tenant from a residential rental unit in Ontario is governed by the Residential Tenancy Act.  Those who are seeking answer to how to evict a tenant shall consider their legal obligations and rights under the Residential Tenancy Act in Ontario. In addition, those who are seeking answers on how to evict a tenant shall consult a legal professional who is licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Moreover, one also has to ensure that the paralegal or the lawyer is in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada. His Master’s Legal Services Professional Corporation provides free consultation on how to evict a tenant.  His Master’s Legal Services Professional Corporation offers legal services in Toronto 416-757-2525 and in Oshawa 905-666-1550.


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