Are you looking to make a career in paralegals, and don’t know what might make a difference? Don’t worry, as we have outlined the items that you need to focus on, and these are:

Amazing Research Competencies

A huge part of the job is going to be doing research. Learning how to look for information and how to record it will be vitally important to your job as a paralegal.

Communication Proficiencies

Being able to communicate the information you have found is just as important as being able to find it. It is important to remember that you are going to be communicating with a wide variety of people—not just with the lawyers you work for.

Being Cooperative

While you will at times be guiding other staff or playing a lead role in a paralegals’ team, you will need to be able to work well as a follower. Having well-developed interpersonal skills is a must.

Computer Expertise

As the legal practices in Oshawa continue to change and evolve, technology will continue to become more and more important. This means that your ability to use and adapt to that technology will become more and more important. Lawyers will be looking for paralegals that they can trust with e-discovery, with handling electronic communication, and with electronic filing.

Developing An Interest In Law

If you really want to be good at your job, you are going to need to have a genuine interest in the law and in helping people who need help with the law.

Strong Writing Skills

You do not need to be a novelist, but you should have a good grasp on grammar, spelling, and professional communication—because you will be doing a lot of it.

Detail Oriented

Details are the essence of your job. You will be handling the details of a case so that your lawyers can focus on the big picture. An ability to pay attention to and keep straight even the smallest of details will make you a major asset. When tasks stop falling through the cracks and everyone gets their work done because you are on top of the details, the firm is more efficient.


Are you analytical? You can quickly and easily come to a logical conclusion, based on the information provided to you. Doing this will make it very easy for you to absorb information and remember the most important points.

Organized Individualities 

It is the key to keeping a law firm running properly. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find that one piece of paper that has that one piece of important information. Great paralegals will never have this problem.


As with anyone who works in any position in the legal field, it is important for paralegals to be inherently ethical. A great paralegal is one who knows where the lines are drawn and doesn’t step over them, understanding that this could put not just a single case, but their lawyer and their firm into jeopardy. Most employment lawyers in Whitby believe that this is one of the most important qualities that a paralegal can have and one that should be striven for at all times!

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