Law practices often use temp firms during seasonal highs and lows of the tax season or end of the fiscal year’s filings for corporations. There are increasing options within the legal industry like project work for lawyers that provide better benefits than using traditional temp firms to fill the needed gaps in your practice. In this article, we will highlight, how it’s a better way to hire a lawyer on a project basis over temp firms for different law and Legal practices in Oshawa.

Why temporary firms have become unsustainable

Hiring temporary firms several times; might not guarantee that you will get the same quality of work and the similar workforce who would have done the previously. Another very common problem which has been emerging during these temporary firm hire might disrupt the day to day workflow for a period of time; as outsiders are coming into your normal routine work. And most of the times quality of work is inconsistent, which produces an inconsistent work product. One of the most sensitive matters that firms have to deal with is the confidential and secret information increases the risk that those details might get leaked.

Hiring a lawyer on a project basis is the best way for firms

Hiring a lawyer on a project basis will help a firm to hire a highly qualified resource for their specific type of need of the project. Hiring lawyers for an individual and specific project will lead to less spending risk because you are going by individual projects, which will save you hundreds of dollars per assignments, compared to the time and money you spend on hiring a firm temporarily for a certain period of time. Most of the times when specific tasks are being neglected by the other petty matters delegating a team or professional for that specific work will surely increase the productivity and complete the task in time. With this type of model, you can hire a professional for short assignments, unlike the firms who will not send their staff for an assignment for less than a week.

The major benefit model of project work can provide is the unique, specialized work that matches the exact tasks as per the need. Temporary firms, unlikely the project work, can only draw from the workers they have in their network, many of whom might not have the skills needed to complete the task. For sure this is an excellent model where firms and companies can hire professionals according to the specific need for the project.


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