Landlord eviction notice


Landlord serves the N8 Notice on tenant(s) for five different reason. The most common reason for the landlord to serve the N8 Notice is persistently paying the rent late. The landlord who files the N8 Notice on tenant(s) for always late had to prove to the board that the rent payments were late.

In order to prove the late payments, the board expects the landlord to produce a ledger showing monthly payments and the date received. It would help to produce bank record showing the exact date of receipt. N8 notice to be valid it had to include the correct names of the tenants, proper address and proof of service.

N8 Notice is followed by L2 application and a hearing date. On the day of hearing tenant may argue that the payments were made on time. In addition, the tenant may argue that the landlord refused to accept payments.

The N8 Notice and the L2 application is brought forward by the landlord had to clearly show that the landlord had taken every step to collect the rent on time and the tenant kept delaying the rent payments. His Master’s Legal Services Professional Corporation helps the landlords with their N2 Notices and L2 applications. Furthermore, His Master’s Legal Services also offer representation at the Landlord and Tenant Board in Toronto, Scarborough, Oshawa and surrounding.


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