How to fight a Speeding Ticket

Many Torontonians have had the experience.

You get caught speeding and slapped with a fine. Then in court, the cost to pay the ticket rocketed. Speeding tickets are the worst. Speeding is a “strict liability offence” meaning that once the police and prosecution have made out the fact that the driver was speeding then the defendant is liable and responsible.

Extra costs added by the Legislature include

  • Compensate victims of violent crime ;
  • Police agencies to combat violent crime;
  • Court security ;
  • Ambulance services and
  • The Transportation Trust Fund, which funds road and bridge improvements.

The Ministry of Transportation collects millions annually from Trust Fund assessments, which, like other speeding ticket extras, also are attached to other court imposed-fines.

​”Everybody puts a little add-on each session and the add-ons cost more than the fine,” said Rep. James “J.J.” Johnson, D-New Castle, who sponsored a resolution in June to study fines, added to minor traffic offenses.

This means that you can’t give an explanation for speeding and expect the judge to cancel your ticket. Speeding up to avoid traffic or a hazard IS NOT a valid reason.

There are two reasons the court will forgive you for a speeding ticket;

  • You were rushing someone to the hospital to save their life when an ambulance or the assistance of the police was unavailable, or
  • You were speeding to get away from a real imminent threat to your life, e.g. someone is trying to shoot you and you are trying to get away, and you were driving towards assistance, e.g. driving as fast as you could to the police station or an area of safety.

When you received a traffic citation for traffic violation and a notice indicated in front of the ticket requiring you a mandatory court appearance for speeding, it is your choice to seek legal representation. “Let us fight your speeding ticket violation, call His Master’s Legal Services at (416)757-2525 or email us on how to fight a speeding ticket.

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