The Landlord/Tenant relationship can be complicated at times but it’s not necessary. Swift, effective resolution of issues makes for better, clearer relations. The laws that govern the Landlord and Tenant relationship are found under the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, also known as the RTA. There may be an application filed at the Landlord and Tenant Board for non-payment of rent, damages and/or harassment and pursue eviction. A Tenant may file an application at the Landlord and Tenant Board for maintenance or harassment with a claim for rent abatement. Whatever the case may be these applications and others must be defended vigorously.Attempting to tackle a Landlord Tenant Board application on your own may end up negatively impacting the outcome of your matter and one small error could result in an action dismissed or worse.

Landlord And Tenant Issue Are Always Tricky

Being faced with an eviction can cause a great amount of stress and anxiety. With a landlord who seeks to evict those, tenants can feel very overwhelmed while attending a hearing or dealing. Whether the eviction is centered on non-payment of rental, compensations, bad faith removal, and nuisance, poor conditions of the unit, lack of fundamental services, or other disagreements within the rental contract. Landlord and Tenant disputes are heard at the Landlord & Tenant Tribunal, sometimes also known as the Landlord and Tenant Board.  Although the Tribunal can appear a bit more informal in comparison to a court, it should always be regarded as a courtroom and be addressed in accordance with the law. Many teams of legal professionals will help you in maintaining your tenancy and mitigating your disputes. They are usually able to salvage and improve the landlord-tenant relationship as well by mediating the issues.

Worried Landlord?

 Tenants can sometimes cause great aggravation and loss of profits to a landlord.Whether the issues in dispute are non-payment or persistent late payment of rent, breach of conditions to the rental agreement, willful or negligent damage to the unit, or other issues; legal professionals will assess your case. And provide expert legal service and advice to advance your rights and interests as a landlord. Choosing the Landlord and tenant lawyers in Toronto can save you from all the trouble.

Commercial Properties And Their Understandings

When it comes to commercial leasing, whether you’re a landlord or tenant you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Companies in Toronto work with landlords to protect their interests through secure commercial leases. It’s important from the outset that the parties to a commercial lease be clearly identified by their lawful names. Some businesses are not incorporated while others carry on business under a trade name. Who you name as a party to a lease may affect your rights. In case of default on a lease, it’s important that you speak to a lawyer familiar with commercial leases on how to enforce your rights or avoid further liability. For this purpose, talk with Landlord and tenant paralegals in Toronto, and go with their guidelines to avoid any legal troubles.

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