Landlord eviction notice


The landlords who are unable to collect the rent on the due date from the tenant in Ontario Canada, shall serve the N4 Notice as the first step of the legal proceeding. However; the N4 Notice shall be filed correctly in order for the process to begin. In addition, the N4-Notice shall be served according to the accepted method of service stipulated in the Residential Tenancy Act.

For example, the N4 Notice does not clearly state the unit of the dwelling correctly becomes invalid. If the service of the N4 Notice was improperly done, then, the N4 Notice becomes invalid.

An L1 application based on such an erred N4 Notice would be dismissed by the board at the hearing. However; an erred L1 application could be amended at the time of hearing with the member’s discretionary powers. once the L1 application gets dismissed without prejudice, the landlord could serve a new N4 Notice and begin the process again. in order to seek professional help and fill out and file the notice and application, one may contact us at our contact info below.

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