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N12 Notice is the served on the tenant(s) when the landlord needs the unit for his/her residential use. N12 Notice can also be served on tenant(s) for the purpose of residential use by the spouse of the landlord, child of the landlord, spouse’s child, parents, spouse’s parents and for care taker for any of the above parties. the key question is whether or not the N12 Notice and the subsequent application were served in good faith. Therefore, the landlord and the person who is the named party plans to occupy the unit shall provide affidavits stating that they are brining the L2 application in good faith.

The Member of the Social Justice Tribunal-Landlord and Tenant Board would determine each N12 Notices and the subsequent L2 application based on the truthfulness of the statements provided by the applicant and the person who intends to occupy. those who bring N12 Notice and the subsequent L2 application shall pay attention to the details on the documents. The names of the parties, addresses, details of the unit and proper service of these documents.

Note: There are some proposed changes to the N12 and L2 application in the near future. Please update yourself.


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