A small claims court provides a possibility and an avenue for those who might be want to track the small claims they might be having. These types of claims are less formal than the other court proceeding which is usually there in court. Whether it is a small claim or a big court case the experience, knowledge and the expertise your lawyer might be having can change the whole case and will affect the possibilities of winning and losing the case as well. Our firm Masters Legal has worked on hundreds of Small claims court lawyer Toronto and has successfully closed particular types of cases in our clients’ favor.

Why should you hire a lawyer for small claims?

Most of the times in small claims case your lawyer might not represent you in your case. There are several reasons that your lawyer might be helpful even for your small claims case.

  • Hiring a lawyer for your small claims case will provide you with the expert assessment regarding the strength of your case and what might be the weak areas which you have to work on before you present yourself in the court.
  • You can get the expert advice of your small claims lawyer whether or not you should take certain action against the other party and how it will affect your case.
  • While seeking professional and legal help for your small claims court case you can prepare yourself before you present yourself in the court.
  • It is always advisable to get a lawyer if it is required by the court, and in case if you fail to hire one, the chances might be that your case could get dismissed by the court.

How much will a small claims lawyer cost you?

Different lawyers have different fee structures for the small claims court cases. It depends on you how you select the lawyer and the way he or she is going to charge you. There are certain lawyers who will wait for the final judgment of your case and after that, they might charge you the fee. There are lawyers who will charge you with hourly fee and that may work for you if the lawyer will only take a few hours to assess your case, he might provide advice or assist you with evidence issues, and eventually leaving you with money after these expenses if you win the case.

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